The "Location Pate" - Your contact person for locations in Berlin

Our motto is it to bring people together and let them communicate with each other. This is getting a new level in our digital time age. With the planning and implementation of selected event venues, we support you to reach your aim.

Plan, realize and have success with our experts!

The success of the "Location Pate" is characterized to advise you with exceptionally ideas and event locations. As your personal "Pate" we are in charge of 90% of the event rooms exclusive and guarantee all other locations with the same conditons like directly from the owner.


Your advantages at our event locations

We are your personal contact for all questions and submit you a personal specific offer. Quickly and purposeful.

You get all location at first hand from us!

The "Location Paten" always place value on professional consultation and your specific needs!


We made you nosy?

We develop and realize concepts that are consistent and let your guests feel comfortable at the event as well as get some valuable information.

With a lot of partners in the areas of conception, catering, furniture, technology and more, we can offer you exactly that what you want. Even a whole concept for your event.

"An event as a mirror of the company, culture and his products."

The "Location Paten" are looking forward to your request!